[pullquote style="right"]If you’re planning on or dreaming of a trip to Mexico or Central America with your family, then this book is for you.

[/pullquote]Author: Rachel Denning


 In 2007, we drove with our four children from the U.S. to Panama. We shared an incredible journey together, This guide shares personal experiences, tips, and advice.

Filled with information about what you need to know, it answers questions like:

  • What, if any, visas are required?
  • What are the road conditions?
  • Is it safe to travel in Mexico?
  • How do I handle border crossings?
  • What about health and vaccinations?
  • Do I need an international drivers license?
  • Do I need special auto insurance?

Plus much, much more. This guide includes:

  • 42 pages of much needed information
  • Free updates
  • Links to additional resources and websites for planning your trip
  • Email access for asking additional questions
  • And more!

This guide is a must have for any family considering a trip to Mexico or Central America.

*Includes free updates as we add to the guide while driving on our road trip from Alaska to Argentina.

Available for instant PDF download and offered for a very affordable price of only $6.95

"In this booklet Rachel gives the basics of what you'll need to begin planning your own adventure in Central America. A great blend of helpful information and inspiring first person stories, you'll find the confidence you need to hit the road with your family in these pages."

Jennifer Miller





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