Back in Tok, Alaska, we were told by our hosts about a family who had done a round-the-world trip with their two children, and wrote a book about it.

Pretty cool.

Then, as we were preparing to travel to Santa Cruz, we met with some friends in Utah, and they mentioned this family again, and that they lived in the area we were going to be visiting.

Cool. We better meet up with them.

So after staying in Santa Cruz, we arranged to meet up with this awesome family.

Via email, they invited us to their home, offered us their basement, half their fridge, laundry, showers and a place to stay as long as we want.

This awesome family took a year off when their children were 8 and 11. Together they traveled around the world and explored Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

Incredible adventures, amazing stories. Inspirational tale.

We had so much fun!

There was a slide from the main level into the basement

A swing

Rings for cool tricks

 A zipline (kind of)

A rope bridge

Oh, and a Wii

There was lots of stuff for crafts

Atlas practiced his crawling and eating

  Then our hostess helped the girls bake and decorate some cakes.


They had a blast!!

The adults had a fantastic time also, hearing about all their amazing travel stories and viewing their pictures from around the world.

I wish we could have stayed longer! Thanks Highams, for a great time.

Make sure to check out their book, 360 Degrees Longitude, and their website (which I'm in the process of re-designing)



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  1. Mariza

    I remember seeing this house on TV once. I think it was the same house, they featured their playroom. I’m pretty sure it was this house. How fun!


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