"Is this breakfast or lunch, mom?" asks Ky (8)

It was kind of a late start to the day, almost 10:30 before we were eating our bowls of cereal in the kitchen at grandma's house.

"Neither," I told her, then changed the subject, a tactic I use when I don't know how or don't want to answer a questions.

Does it matter what we call it? We're eating because we're hungry, not because it's a 'meal time' - the usual procedure for our family.

Preferring to incorporate learning with living, somehow the topic of 'matter' - of liquids, solids and gases - came up.

I went with it, and we defined and identified the properties of each.

"Our breath is a gas."

"Our milk is liquid! It's in the shape of...a milk jug."

"Is this a liquid or a solid?" I ask, holding up a strawberry.


"The counter is a solid," Parker says knocking on it with his fist (because it's hard.)

"Well, what about the strawberry? Is it a liquid? What do liquids do? Can you pour it?"


"Liquids hold the shape of the container their in. And they're pourable. What shape does this strawberry have?"

"Strawberry shape. So it must be a solid."

We discuss other liquids and solids - yogurt had us a little confused, but we figure it is more liquid since it doesn't hold it's own shape. "It'd be a blob if we dumped it on the counter, mom"

Then we started asking about our bodies - liquid or solid?

It's made up of both.

Bones, skin, brain - they're solid.

Our blood, and our pee - that's liquid.

"Our poop is solid." Parker says.

Mostly 😉

"Oh, I know!" he adds innocently, "Our butts are solid, because they have their own shape. Two circles with a line in it!"

(How is it that little boys can always manage to bring the conversation around to 'potty talk'?)

Suppressing a smile (and a laugh), I change the subject again.

We've done enough science this morning.

How do you incorporate learning with living?



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