Our 'home' is our truck, and while it's pretty unconventional living conditions, it still requires cleanup, maintenance and the occasional 'home' improvement project (maybe when it's done we'll need to invest in a top home alarm system.) 😉

While in Utah, we've been staying at my mother-in-laws house (thanks mom!). Being able to unload a little from our nomadic abode has given us the opportunity to work on some projects that needed completing.

Here's some of what we've been working on.

My hubby bought me this little broom set so I can sweep out our 'house'.

We had some veggie spill in the back of the truck, this de-greaser cleaned it up fantastically.

My hubby doing the dirty work.

Getting things organized. A place for diapers and toilet paper, water, veggie supplies and the kitchen (on the bottom).

My hubby built this pull-out kitchen for me. It slides underneath the 'bed'. It stores our camp stove, some dishes and utensils, pot and pan, groceries and garbage.

We added some vinyl lettering.

Greg sprayed on this rubberized...stuff, for added toughness.

This cool device slides in and out so that my hunky husband can do chin ups in the morning and build his big muscles.

Window tinting for added privacy and temperature control.

Hubby and friend welded these 'steps' on for easier access to the roof rack and eventual contents. (We'll paint it black).

Hubby and friend also welded additional supports on the roof rack, and added this wire to help hold contents. A kind of make shift 'safari basket.' This will also be painted black.

Cool off road lights donated by ARB.

While traveling on the freeway at 75mph in SLC, this wheel lost it's tread (remember that it had been wearing wrong, that's why we came to Utah sooner than planned.) It forced us to finally get the problem fixed. (Video of that project coming soon.)

Well, that's what we've been working on, besides family time, visiting with friends and working on our business projects.

Improvements that still need to be done are:

  • Install A/C (yep, it's hot, and we don't have any)
  • New tires
  • Oil change
  • Finish up organization system (storage totes, etc.)

Other things we need to get/do

  • GPS system
  • Mobile internet
  • External hard drive for my computer



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