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It's tough to keep up with all the posts that I'm sending out each day. For those of us who lead busy lives, we can't always read every email, blog post, and Facebook status update throughout the week.

So I wanted to provide you with this weekly recap, which contains everything you might have missed in one convenient place.

I really appreciate all the new subscribers and Facebook fans! Thanks!

Daily Photos


Interview with Pedal Powered Family – Wow, Wow, Wow I’m Totally Inspired!! - Bicycle Tour of North and Central America - 1 year, 2 Toddlers in Tow



It’s My Birthday! All About Me – Where I’ve Celebrated, Where Will I Go Next?



4 Questions We Asked Before Planning Our Next Big Adventure (And You Should Too!)


Flashback Friday

Each week I'm posting stories from past adventures...

How to Feel Alive: The Magic of the Moment – Mazatlan, MX




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