I originally wrote an article for BootsnAll travel with the title How to Develop Character in Your Children (and Yourself) Through Travel.

Since they have a copyright on that article (because they paid me for it) I thought I would share the same message, but in a little different format.

Tell me what you think!

If you can't see/watch this video, click here.

Or watch it on Vimeo's site here.



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4 Responses

  1. Cindi

    Wonderful presentation. I agree. And someday (three years hopefully) want to take our kids to Guatemala!

  2. JoDee Scott

    I am so in Awe of you and your adventures. I traveled with three boys every summer from Portland, Oregon to SLC Utah. Inevitably boys get anxious. I would make them sprint from the car to some where and back until they were exhausted and I …got to drive again in peace. My boys were newborn, 2 and 4 when the adventure started and they are very good travelers because of it. I suggest for summer a bottle(water) rocket and a bicycle pump. I will send you a plan it was a blessing and fun . we used it until it expired. Many rest stop adventures with it.What a beautiful family you have, thank you for sharing. My boys are now 26,24,22….

  3. Heidi

    Love the video! Your’e absolutely right! It’s never to early to expose your children to new and exciting things.


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