Those who say it cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt the people doing it.
~Chinese Proverb

Having the courage to do what you only dream of doing - that's the message of this ebook compiled by Matthew Bailey entitled A World of Inspiration

This ebook features stories from 20 Incredible Individuals:

  1. Mars Dorian
  2. Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity (one of my favorite books)
  3. Tyler Tervooren
  4. Earl Baron (wandered the world for 10 years)
  5. Annabel Candy (learned how to surf at age 40)
  6. Rob Nights (hitchhiked 1500 miles to Morocco)
  7. Sean Ogle
  8. Charlie Hoehn
  9. Corbett Barr
  10. Karol Gajda (hand-built his own guitar in India) (explicit)
  11. Nathan Hangen (started a business while fighting the war in Afghanistan)
  12. Colin Wright (lets others choose where he travels)
  13. Niall Doherty
  14. Lex Garey
  15. Rachel Denning (drove from the U.S. to Costa Rica with her family) (that's me)
  16. Raam Dev (traveled 6 months with just $1500)
  17. Matt Koenig (taking a 1-year sabbatical with his whole family)
  18. Aaron Ross
  19. Joel Runyon (Blog of Impossible Things)
  20. Noah Kagen (App Sumo)

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