Get inspired to live the life you dream of living. Dad, mom and 5 kids share why they live their nomadic, traveling life.

Includes new photos and video of our travels to Costa Rica and Central America, as well more recent adventures to India, the Dominican Republic and Alaska.



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  1. Wyatt

    How do you plan to save for college for your children or pay for any medical emergencies? What happens when your vehicle needs to be replaced or your laptop dies. How are you allocating your funds and making enough in income to accrue for these expenses?

    • Rachel


      We still save 10% + every month on any income we receive, and have an ’emergency’ savings for those unexpected expenses. In the meantime, our focus is on growing our location independent income. As it grows, we’ll continue to live frugally and save the difference.

  2. Sarah

    How do you generate income. My boyfriend and I have wanted to travel around with our daughter for awhile now but we want to be sure we can survive. What do you do?


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