Pool Time in Tucson, AZ

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.”

Roy Goodman

(This post belongs to a series that begins at 4 Incredibly Simple Steps to Doing the Impossible – Family Road Trip to Costa Rica)

Exhausted from the long day (read the previous post), the kids and daddy collapse into bed.

I'm burning the midnight oil on my computer, and watching with amusement the series of musical beds-Daddy with me; me with the two girls; daddy with the boys; daddy with the girls; whatever works to accommodate a family of six in two double beds.

There's not a lot of sleep to be had anyway, with trains lumbering down the tracks that seem to pass right through the hotel lobby, accompanied by a long, loud whistle- blown to wake you up,  just in case you happened to still be sleeping as it passed.

The next morning Flagstaff is a cozy 38 degrees Fahrenheit, not exactly the warmer weather we were searching for when we headed south.

Packing up after our quick continental breakfast, and back on the road, we settle into one of our favorite driving past times - watching the scenery as we listen to and discuss our 'input'.

My husband has a phrase he uses consistently -

Input Determines Output

Whatever you put into:

  • your life
  • your mind
  • your thoughts
  • your heart

will determine what you get out of:

  • your character
  • your circumstances
  • your life
  • your destiny.

We've developed a daily habit of listening to or reading 'good input'.

Today's selection includes The Science of Personal Achievement by Napoleon Hill (the author of the best-selling Think and Grow Rich).

Filled with inspirational and practical advice for living an extraordinary life, there are principles that can be applied to creating great travel experiences.

#1- A Definite Chief Aim

Maybe that aim is to learn a language, explore a city, take a food tour, or just 'be' in a place.

Knowing what you want to do helps you decide where to go.

#2- The Habit of Saving

Travel doesn't have to be expensive. If you're willing to live simply, and save the difference, your money can go a long way to providing the experiences you want to have.

Greg in Zions

#3- Initiative

Take action. Get out of your comfort zone. Buy those tickets. Say hello to a stranger. Smile.

Do something to move toward living your dream and pushing your limits.

#4- Imagination

"If we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."

Where to go, how to go, when to go. Don't make plans based on what seems possible. Imagine the ideal, the impossible, then find a way to make it real.

#5- Enthusiasm

Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.

What's the point of travel, if it doesn't spark excitement?

Aa with BIG smoothie

We stop in Phoenix for Mexican food from Bajio and smoothies from Keva Juice. A little picnic is held on the typical Arizona rocks in the parking lot's planter boxes.

The drive from Phoenix to Tucson is just under three hours, but the kids are overly anxious to get out of the car by the time we get there, which equals slightly flustered parents.

It takes some time to find a hotel we want to stay in. Internet is a big consideration, so I can update posts, but besides that we also want a pool for the kids.

Motel 6 and Howard Johnson only offer dial-up (really? dial-up?). The La Quinta Inn on Starr Pass Road offers high speed internet, a pool AND a hot tub. We have a winner!

Our room even has a 'backyard' with only a gate separating us from the swimming pool.

We spend the evening relaxing in the hot tub and swimming in the pool, before heading across the street to The Waffle House, which is reminiscent of something from a Rocky movie- but the food was great.

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(This post belongs to a series that begins at 4 Incredibly Simple Steps to Doing the Impossible – Family Road Trip to Costa Rica)

All photos by Rachel Denning and may be used with permission.



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