Our two boys wouldn't cooperate, so we have 3 kids here

We had the awesome opportunity of meeting up with Adam and Courtney Baker from ManvsDebt (and their cute daughter Milligan), while passing through Redding, CA.

The Bakers have a great story about selling their ‘crap’ and doing what they love.

Adam now makes a full time living from his website ManvsDebt by helping others grow their online businesses and get out of debt so they can do what they love too.

Adam and Atlas hit it off

(His most recent resource is The Hustle Project with a goal to help you make $12,000 from your online business in the next 12 months)

We spent a fun two days, did some sightseeing and swimming, ate some great food and had an overall amazing time.

Adam interviewed us while we were there about this ‘crazy’ adventure we’re undertaking.

Watch below, or you can read the transcript of the interview:

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