positive parenting tipsI've already said it there's something missing.

I ranted about it in my last post… so many people are miserable. Why?

In large part because families are falling apart. Nothing adds to personal happiness and satisfaction like rewarding and meaningful relationships. If we don't have those, then life loses much of it's purpose.

Yet society focus is on things that don't bring happiness -- instead of building deep family relationships, we're distracted to death. We spend hours with co-workers, but minutes with our kids. Family time is now Facebook time. Business plans include finite detail, but do we even have a 'family plan'?

[pullquote style="left" quote="dark"]Without meaningful relationships, life loses much of it's purpose. (Click to tweet this quote.)[/pullquote]Kids are struggling, with serious problems like porn, early sex and pregnancy, and hard core drugs (Greg spent 9 years as a public high school teacher and saw it first hand.)

We've got to change it. Because if we don't, not only will our families fail, but the future of the world looks pretty bleak as well.

Because those kids with the porn and drug addictions, those young, single moms… well, they're the future of the world. Is that the world you want you kids to be affiliated with, or tk

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Because by building stronger families, we'll build stronger communities, which will change the world.

By raising your family,  you'll raise the next generation of leaders, who will change the world.

There's lots of 'movements' out there to save the planet, eliminate hunger and poverty, reduce global warming… but where's the movement to 'save the family'? (Click to tweet.)

When it comes down to actually making a difference on a global scale, it's the small things that matter, like raising great kids, teaching them to care for others and the planet. But if we neglect our families for the sake of 'some great cause', ultimately we've failed ourselves and humanity.

So what do we do about it?

If you want to have a fantastic family, then it needs as much attention and planning as a business or building a house. You wouldn't break ground on your brand new house until you had clear, detailed architectural blueprints… why do we think building families and raising future leaders takes any less planning?

Fantastic Family Fridays is all about the blueprint. It's creating a plan for building a great family, instead of building as you go and ending up with a house that won't withstand the earthquake.

It starts here and happens every Friday. Will you be there? Will you be a change maker?

Raise your family and change the world!

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What does 'raising your family' mean? That we take an active part in nurturing and guiding our children, and that we 'raise our standards' when it comes to the outcomes we hope to achieve in regards to family life.

We're standing on the brink of a major transformation in the world. The ocean of information that is available is incredible, offering many opportunities for learning, growth and creation.

But it has it's negative side effects too. It's never been so easy to access graphic porn; to watch vivid violence or to spend hours in mindless entertainment. We're seeing it's effects in school shootings, teen suicide and widespread ignorance.

The education and development of tomorrow's leaders (today's children -- your children) determines the future and the destiny of the world.

[pullquote style="left" quote="dark"]The education of tomorrow's leaders determines the destiny of the world. (Click to tweet)[/pullquote]The transformation that's taking place may result in a generation that's porn addicted, socially challenged, and violent -- a combination that can't produce positive results.

The 'Information Age' is changing everything, so we must also change. It is up to us -- parents primarily, but teachers and educators everywhere -- to evolve. We hold in our hands the future of the planet, because we're responsible for the education of tomorrow's leaders (and I'm not just talking about academics, but real education which has more to do with character development.)

The masses will pursue the course they are currently following. They'll spend hours in mindless amusement; do the bare minimum to pass the grade; and copiously consume violent and degrading media.

However, the future of the world is not entirely determined by the actions of the masses, but by the leaders. The education of tomorrow's leaders will decide our destiny, not the education of the masses.

[pullquote style="right" quote="dark"]Leadership determines destiny. - Oliver DeMille[/pullquote]If we choose to mentor and mold our children, then we can construct the future. Leaders are made, not born, and it is up to us to decide if we will build leaders or allow our children to follow the masses.

It's not enough to just do a good job at parenting, we need to do a FANTASTIC job. We need to be ‘great’ parents. And we can do it, with planning and practice.

It’s not enough for our kids to just be ‘good’ kids. Because while it is important to be good, they have greatness within, and it's our responsibility to give them every opportunity to let their greatness shine. We can guide them to it.

Will we arrange our family life so that our children are prepared to be leaders and rise to the challenge of making a positive impact on the world? The choice is ours. What will we choose?




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