I remember the moment when my husband and I discussed the possibility of doing something different; of trying and risking and following that absurd dream. It was so intense.

We stood in the hallway face-to-face and said to each other, "Yeah, but if we fail then we could lose everything we've worked for so far - house, career, retirement, college plans for our kids. There's so much at stake."

"But we HAVE to try. We can't live our life always wondering 'what if' and whether we could have made more of ourselves."

Eventually we decided to go for it, and we started down the 'road less-traveled'. We discovered it to be exciting, and wonderful and frightening and sometimes a very lonely place.

We felt confident enough to conquer the world. We questioned ourselves. We were sure we would succeed at everything we undertook. We wondered if we would fail. We cried and felt hopeless when we did. We triumphed. We struggled. We hoped and prayed and kept on dreaming.

Many attempts were made to share our new and 'wild' ideas and philosophies with friends, but they were often met with resistance and contempt.

"Why rock the boat?" "Why give up a good thing?" "Just be grateful for what you already have."

They couldn't see or feel the vision we had in our minds of the absolute amazing-ness we planned to create. They couldn't feel the pain and remorse that would be ours if we only lived an 'okay' life.

We knew there was greatness within, and we had to let it out. We knew that there could be more meaning to life, and we were committed to finding, and living it.

We pressed forward, despite the 'reality checks', in spite of the ridicule, in the face of failure, with the contempt and disapproval that continued. We began to withdraw from our 'old life'. We clung to one another more and more, sharing our deepest desires only with each other, and we started to feel very alone in the world. Is there anyone else who feels like we do?

There were heartaches and disappointments; money earned, lost and borrowed; fear and courage; discouragement, defeat and triumph; enthusiasm and apathy. It was a wild ride.

Now that the major ups and downs are behind us, we've been asked over and over again how we've done it, and analyzing the answer led us to create Living Deliberately: How We Created a Ridiculously Awesome Life (that will be released in July.)

It contains the principles and steps that we followed - the ones that got us from there to here. Each of them are necessary and important on your journey to live deliberately.

But we also realized that the book and course are missing one key ingredient.  An ingredient that we couldn't include, even if we wanted to. The key ingredient that kept us going. The one continual source of inspiration, encouragement, comfort, ideas, resources, opportunities, answers and support.

What was that magical source that was the key to sustaining us and unlocking our dream life?


Our 'mastermind'.

What the heck is a mastermind, you may be asking?

Well, throughout our lives, our 'mastermind' has taken several different forms. Sometimes it was just Greg and I sharing our secret hopes and desires, imagining big things. Other times it was motivational meetings with inspirational people - individuals who drove us to dream bigger and think bigger.

Sometimes our 'mastermind' was our books who became our closest friends, with inspirational and motivational authors guiding and mentoring us in our pursuits. They encouraged us when we were disheartened, enthused us when we thought about giving up, and guided us when we felt lost and confused.

Over the years we began to find other 'kindred spirits'. We connected and found synergy in the sharing of ideas and values. Soon we discovered that there was power in connecting with other individuals who have a bigger vision of how the world could be..

Associating with others who think big can be very powerful

It was Jim Rohn who had said that, "You will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

We had begun to see how powerful that statement was. When we felt most alone, it was our books that became our closest associates, and they helped us to achieve things we never thought possible. As we discovered 'kindred spirits', their friendship and inspiration helped us to climb even higher. We had uncovered the power of the 'Master Mind'.

Masterminding refers to the act of sharing visions, ideals, beliefs and ideas with individuals who think and dream BIG. As simple as it sounds, it's actually a very powerful process. The definition of synergy is when the combination of two or more elements creates an effect far greater than the individual parts.

Synergy is what happens when you meet with a mastermind. The impossible becomes possible. The dream becomes a reality.

The amazing thing about a mastermind group is that members 'raise the bar' by brainstorming ideas, challenging each other to create and implement goals, and supporting each other with honesty and respect. Mastermind participants act as catalysts for growth.

We've all been inspired after watching a powerful movie, listening to moving music, or hearing a stirring speech.

Masterminding re-creates that feeling on a regular basis.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, described it this way,

The “Master Mind” may be defined as: Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Masterminding is the act of meeting with other like-minded individuals to share knowledge, wisdom, insight and experience - with the intent to act - in the pursuit of a 'definite purpose.' Masterminding creates power and energy that can translate into incredible personal achievement and contribution.

Masterminding, in any of it's forms, has truly been the 'secret' to our awesome life. Yes, we still had to follow all the principles outlined in our book. But without masterminding, we would not be where we are today. That's the honest truth.

We often get emails from people asking questions, searching for encouragement, looking for enthusiasm and motivation and help. We always answer them the best we can.

But as we sat and thought about what people are searching for; what they really need to live deliberately, we knew what the answer was. We knew how to answer the questions. We KNEW the solution to your problems was to join an rocking-awesome, kick-butt mastermind group.

Where do you find one? I don't know exactly, but we are going to create one.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

We've decided to create a virtual mastermind group, and we're inviting YOU to join with us!

We know there is a lot that we can learn from each of you, and maybe you can learn a thing or two from us. But we do know that the result of our meeting together will be greater than what each of us could create on our own.

This is not a group about how to make more money, although that topic will be covered.  It's about living a life that matters, and about making a difference in the world. It's a group that will help you sing the song you were born to sing, and live on purpose.

This mastermind was created to help you live a determined life, to live deliberately.  It will challenge your current beliefs and 'social conditioning', and encourage you to dance to the beat of your own drummer.

We'll focus on how to have more freedom and spend more time together as a family - not how to spend more time at the office. We'll help you to clearly prioritize your life... and then teach you how to live according to those priorities!

Living deliberately is a delicate balance between achievement and contribution. Our focus is not on 'writing a book' (or whatever it is you want to do) so it will become a best seller, but on writing a book because it's the message you have to share with the world. We'll discuss how to make it a best seller too, but that's not the focus of why you write.

And because learning from others and being introduced to new ideas is so important and powerful, we'll be having guest speakers join our virtual group. You'll get to hear from incredible individuals who will inspire and empower you to make your own dreams a reality.

Some of the topics we'll cover in our bi-monthly mastermind groups include:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • living deliberately
  • funding your dream
  • discovering your profitable passion
  • finding your purpose
  • living according to your priorities
  • overcoming fear
  • failure as fertilizer
  • emotional mastery
  • psychology/endophasia
  • bibliotherapy
  • health and fitness
  • relationships
  • travel
  • marketing/networking
  • the new rules
  • nonconformity
  • unconventional thinking and acting
  • the power of habits
  • why people fail
  • why people succeed
  • how to make a positive difference in the world
  • parenting and preparing your kids for the new future
  • visits from guest speakers (not mentioning any names yet, but they're awesome!)


So what will you get out of belonging to a mastermind group?

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • answers to personal questions about how to live deliberately
  • fresh, new ideas, for business, family and purposeful living
  • the opportunity to learn from the experience, skills and confidence of others in the group
  • a place to be accountable for progress on your goals
  • a support network
  • a place of motivation and enthusiasm,
  • a sense of shared endeavor - there are others out there!
  • a place to design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you've been told they "should" be


A mastermind is right for you if you:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • have the desire to live deliberately
  • have questions about how to 'make your dream happen'
  • are wondering who to turn to to share dreams and goals with
  • want to make big life changes
  • are looking for a support group as you pursue your dreams
  • need a place of regular motivation and encouragement
  • are searching for new ideas to help you do what you want to do
  • want to reach or exceed your goals
  • are ready to let your desire to be passionate about life overcome your fear of change


We'll be initiating mastermind groups in four different forms, according to the interests, ability and commitment level of the members who will comprise them.

1. The Mastermind Intro

This group is for those who are seeking inspiration, and want to get a taste of what a mastermind is like before making a regular weekly commitment. Or perhaps it is for people who have tight funds but need the motivation and ideas. It will include:

  • access to the recordings of The D.S.I. Tribe (see below). There will be two recordings per month (every other week).
  • 2 Bonus Audio Recordings on Living Deliberately recorded by Greg and I in Bacalar, Mexico

2. The D.S.I. Tribe.

This group will be open to anyone (but only for a limited-time). We do ask that you make a minimum commitment of 90-days (6 meetings), for ultimate effectiveness.

We'll be meeting virtually, using an online conferencing service, every two weeks, or twice per month. You do not have to attend every call, as they will be recorded and available to listen to at anytime, as part of your membership in 'The Tribe'.

Each meeting will include the following:

1. Topic introduction - each meeting will introduce a topic that will be your area of focus and improvement over the next two weeks. These principles will come from great books that will be recommended (but not required) reading.

2. Discussion - the group moderator (Greg or I) will lead a discussion on the topic, sharing stories, experiences, inspiration and application for your personal life.

3. Q&A Session - at the end of each meeting, previously submitted questions will be addressed and answered, with insights shared from group members.

As a member of 'The Tribe', you'll be able to:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • participate in two mastermind meetings per month.
  • access recordings of all meetings.
  • submit your questions to me or Greg, and we'll present them to the group for feedback and responses before the next meeting.
  • get answers to the challenges that you're currently facing in your life, from others who have, or are, experiencing similar situations.
  • join our private Facebook group for 'The Tribe', where you can ask questions of other members, share challenges and successes, and receive encouragement at any time.
  • receive motivation, ideas and inspiration to help you live your deliberate life.
  • receive a copy of our full-length book (not the free version) of Living Deliberately: How We Created a Ridiculously Awesome Life
  • access to 2 Bonus Audio Recordings on Living Deliberately recorded by Greg and I in Bacalar, Mexico


Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea. ~Jim Rohn

3. The Council of Determined Lives (CDL)

The CDL is a mastermind group for those who are intensely committed to making major progress toward the achievement of their goals and dreams. It is an elite group of serious go-getters.

It will be an intimate, mentoring style group, and limited to a small number. Once capacity is filled on this group, it will be closed until further notice.

Each member will be encouraged to commit to the following:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • do the 'assigned reading'
  • report on the progress of their goals from the past two weeks
  • contribute to the group discussions
  • encourage and help other members
  • share insight and experience for the benefit of the group
  • attend each meeting (when possible)
  • share talents, ideas, knowledge, contacts and experiences


Meetings will be held twice a month, approximately every two weeks. Calls will be recorded and available for later reference, but because of the intimacy of the group, attendance is strongly encouraged to each meeting.

As a group, we will read an average of two books per month, and discuss the principles each time we meet. Reading great information is so crucial to your success, as you will see as we implement this principle.

Our purpose is not to add more 'to-dos' to your life - but to help you really focus in on the things that matter. We don't want to make your life busier, just more fulfilling. We'll help you take steps toward discovering and living on purpose, and achieving your highest ideals.  Implementing these principles will give you more time and happiness, not less.

The CDL meetings will follow the format for The D.S.I. Tribe, but on a more intimate level. We'll each be able to discuss in detail our personal goals, plans and challenges, and ask feedback from our friends in the group.

During the discussion we'll expect feedback and insight from all members. For the Q&A session, you will be able to email questions before each meeting, but because of the intimate nature, you'll also be able to ask questions as they arise during the call.

A private Facebook group will also be created for the Council of Determined Lives, where you can stay in contact throughout the week with us and other members of the group. For those who are interested, personal email addresses can be exchanged.

As a member of the Council of Determined Lives, you will be able to:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • participate in two mastermind meetings per month.
  • submit your questions to me or Greg, and we'll present them to the group for feedback and responses before the next meeting. You'll also be able to ask questions that arise during our meeting
  • get answers to the challenges that you're currently facing in your life, from others who have, or are, experiencing similar situations.
  • join our private, intimate Facebook group for 'The CDL', where you can ask questions of other members, share challenges and successes, and receive encouragement at any time.
  • access recordings of all meetings.
  • receive motivation, ideas and inspiration to help you live your deliberate life.
  • access to 2 Bonus Audio Recordings on Living Deliberately recorded by Greg and I in Bacalar, Mexico
  • free access to our FULL online course (which will be released in July) - Living Deliberately: How We Created a Ridiculously Awesome Life. This includes the full-length book, all of the audio recordings and videos as well. This is a gigantic value


DO NOT join this group unless you are sincerely committed to making some serious life changes. This group is High Adventure. It is about action. You'll come out of this group in the best physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial shape of your life.

If you're not willing to step up to the challenge, then please don't apply.

4. Determined Life Coaching

This option is available to those who are seeking a mentor. Sometimes our progress in life can occur best with the one-on-one help of a personal coach or mentor.

Having a mentor to inspire, direct and encourage you, and to have someone you are directly accountable to, is one of the fastest and most effective ways to advance quickly toward your goals. This program will be tailored to fit your specific dreams and goals. It can include the following:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • discovering your purpose
  • funding your deliberate lifestyle
  • getting paid to do what you love
  • physical fitness/meal & exercise plans
  • relationship and parenting counseling
  • emotional and self-mastery
  • spirituality
  • recommended reading and discussion
  • mental discipline and development
  • whatever else YOU need


WARNING: There will be no sugar-coating in this program. The truth will be spoken, even if it's hard to hear. If you're committed to personal change, and are looking for the personal one-on-one straightforward guidance that will get you there, then this is for you.

This isn't something that will work for everyone, but we're making it available for those who need it.

When you enroll in our coaching program, you'll receive:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • two personal one-on-one calls each month.
  • personal email access
  • answers to the challenges that you're currently facing in your life, from someone who has experience.
  • motivation, ideas and inspiration to help you live your deliberate life.
  • access to 2 Bonus Audio Recordings on Living Deliberately recorded by Greg and I in Bacalar, Mexico
  • free access to Greg's Growth Rings program - 2 videos, 3 audios. A $50 value.
  • free access to our FULL online course (which will be released in July) - Living Deliberately: How We Created a Ridiculously Awesome Life. This includes the full-length book, all of the audio recordings and videos as well. This is a gigantic value


Because of personal time constraints, this option is extremely limited and will close after the first few enrollees.

If you want to be motivated; if you want to spend time with people who inspire and enthuse you; if you want to continue to feel alive and passionate on a regular basis; to feel encouraged when you feel like giving up; then you NEED to join one of these groups.

Motivation, enthusiasm, passion, connection to others - all these will result from your decision to live deliberately and to take purposeful action by masterminding.

Today, we're simply introducing you to the principle of masterminding.

Tonight, we want you to think about your life, where it is; where you want it to go; and how your going to get there. Then talk to your spouse if you need to, or talk to yourself, and decide if there's things you're willing to give up (if needs be) like the cable bill or that daily coffee from Starbucks, so that you can make an investment in your future. Make a decision.

Then come back here tomorrow morning (Tuesday June 19th), and we'll have enrollment available. But only for 72 hours. Then it will be closed down - whether there's 1 person or 1,000, the doors will be closed until an undetermined future date. So decide now, and we'll see you tomorrow.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know a Mastermind group will work for me?

Masterminding can help anyone who is open to new ideas, making life changes, or pursuing deliberate goals. If you are stubbornly committed to staying the same, and doing things they way you've always done them, and you love to argue for the sake of arguing, then masterminding probably won't work for you. Otherwise, we're certain you'll receive amazing benefits for participating.

When will the mastermind groups start? What days will they be held?

The first meetings are scheduled for Tuesday June 26th and Wednesday June 27th or Thursday June 28th in the evening, depending on the consent of the group. We think we'll hold them around 9 pm EST, but we are open to suggestions on that. The Determined Life Personal Coaching will be schedule on a one-on-one basis.

Why should I pay to be a part of something like this? Can't I just read good books or network in my community?

You can absolutely do both of those things, and we recommend it. You don't have to pay to be a part of this, but we're making it available for those who can and want to be a part of it. It's a tremendous opportunity, to be able to network with other like-minded individuals, who may be pursuing similar dreams. The value of what you'll receive outweighs any monetary cost.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple. We guarantee that you will LOVE belonging to one of these mastermind groups. Receiving regular inspiration will absolutely and positively change your life for the better. It's what's made the biggest difference in our life (and continues to do so). We're so certain you'll be more than thrilled with these groups, we don't have to offer a money-back guarantee. But if it does come to that, and for some reason you are dissatisfied, we'll be happy to give you your money back. All we ask is that you give it at least 90 days before you make a decision.

Is there a contract? Am I locked into this every month, forever?

While we do recommend that you commit to attending at least 6 meetings (90 days), there is no contract and you can cancel at anytime. If things change, and you discover you can't attend meetings anymore, than you can simply login and cancel your membership.

Can I upgrade to a different mastermind group?

Yes, upgrading will be available, as long as there is available space. On certain options, if you think it's something you want or need, then it's best to secure your spot now, before capacity has been reached. We do have limited time and resources (heck, we have five kids), so there's only so much we can do. That's why some of the more intensive groups are limited in size.

Will there ever be any live mastermind meetings?

At this point we're not sure, though we're considering hosting some live events in one of the countries that we're traveling to. They would involve travel and sightseeing, workshops and seminars, as well as participation in humanitarian work. Children welcome. That's the idea anyway...


Remember! Be back here tomorrow a.m. (Tuesday June 19th) to enroll in one of these mind-blowing mastermind groups. We'll see you then!



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