Haven't we crossed this bridge before?

Portland is very cool. I can say that, even though we spent most of our time in Portland driving around lost (and on diesel instead of veggie which is an infuriating and costly mistake).

We also slept in the parking lot of Walmart (despite the "No Overnight Parking" sign - by that point we didn't care) even though I have a friend who lives in Portland and probably had a nice warm bed (at least one?) we could have slept in. I had forgotten that too...

So instead our time in Portland was spent lost and frustrated, frustrated and lost - except for the oasis of experience when we cooked our dinner in Washington Park (where the video below was made).

But other than that, Portland is very cool.

Our oasis - part of our 'lost' time was spent searching for a nice park - we finally found one.

Click here if you can't see/view this video, or watch it on YouTube.



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  1. traci sabia

    i am glad you did not get too lost. looks beautiful. as fustrating as it can be just remember it is an adventure and just go with the flow…cant wait to see more!!!!!!

  2. Karen

    Our worst experience was getting lost in Montreal (first time across the country) in rush-hour beginning of a long weekend, dh driving our van while I drove the station-wagon & we got separated by semi’s, but we did have walkie-talkies. Baby needed nursing and the car was hot. OMG, I still remember the stress. I started to cry and demanded we just get off this highway, anywhere. Just get me out of the vehicle!!!

    Yes, all our experiences can make us better people. Learning how to respond better rather than trying to control the event.

    • Rachel

      Ha ha, hate to laugh, but sounds so crazy (and familiar sometimes). You’re right, it makes us better people!

  3. Becki

    I LOVE Portland. Hope you had a chance to see the Saturday Market :). I feel in love with that City a few years ago when I visited some family who live there! Enjoy!

    • Rachel

      Portland was very nice, we’re determined to go back one day on a ‘date trip’. I really did want to do the Saturday Market, but we were picking up our roof rack on Saturday a.m. Next time? hopefully.


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