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So here's the scoop.

We're in Utah...

("What, already?" you may be asking.)

Yes, just Saturday we were sitting in sunny California, sharing two fun days with Adam, Courtney and Milligan Baker (from ManvsDebt.com. Watch for some video interviews of our time together - coming soon).

After dinner, at around 8:00 pm, we took off and headed east toward the Beehive State.

We drove late into the night, pulled over in the middle of the Nevada desert to (attempt) to catch a few ZZZ's, then pressed on to grandma's house.

Our original plans were to visit Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, and Lake Tahoe.

But we altered those and came straight to Utah because:

1) The front right tire on the truck is wearing weird. We had to replace the tire already, because it had worn nearly bald after 3,000+ miles of driving. But we still need to find the cause and get that repaired. We wanted to do that at a place where we could chill at grandma's house.

2) Since we're "moving" some of our stuff from Alaska to a storage shed in Utah, we're pulling a trailer and have extra stuff that we won't be taking on our entire journey. We're really tired of it all...so we hurried here so we can drop all our extra baggage.

So how will be be spending our month or two hiatus here to help us prepare for the remainder of our lengthy voyage? Here's what we'll be working on:

  • Reorganizing and SIMPLIFYING - again. We realized we STILL had too much stuff, and especially after reading the 100 Thing Challenge, (a gift from Adam Baker) I'm more committed than ever to having less in order to live and do more.

    We spent far too much time trying to organize all the crap in our truck so we could fit ourselves in there. I'm going to create a system that can arrange the necessities, and eliminate the unnecessary.

  • Updating and posting - one challenge was finding internet on the road. Our method was a hunt and peck- drive around with my computer open trying to pick up a wireless signal. Not entirely effective.

    So I was able to do some updates of our adventures, but on a delayed basis (you may have noticed since my last update was from North Pole, Alaska and now we're in Utah). I have a flood of posts, pictures and video to share - so be prepared.

  • Preparing the truck - the past 5,000 miles have been a good trial run. We've discovered what works, what doesn't work, what we need to change and what we can't do without. The next month or two we'll be outfitting the truck, fixing it up, and getting it ready to head even further south.

    Maybe you'll be able to help us out? We'll be looking for more sponsors (we've already found some GREAT people to sponsor us so far), or ideas/insight from you. There's a few things that we're in need of to make our expedition doable. Like tools to help us get internet, and to not get lost are two I think of right away. I'll be sharing more ย in a later post.

  • Preparing an online course launch - Based on the questions and feedback we usually receive, we'll be creating on online course that will help others in their own 'Family Lifestyle Design' - helping them to get from where they are to where they want to be - whether that includes family travel or just more family time. Watch for more information on this.



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5 Responses

  1. Jeannie

    Any questions you have about internet and get signals, Tyson should be able to help you out.. he is the king of the internet [email protected] (801)367-9278

  2. Courtney Baker

    We really enjoyed spending the weekend with you all! 1. I’m impressed that you read the 100 Thing Challenge already. 2. I feel a bit awful for loading you up with so many books.


    Tell Grandma Sue that we’ve heard a lot about her.

    • Rachel

      It was a fun time ๐Ÿ™‚ The 100 Thing Challenge was an easy read – especially driving across Nevada and Western Utah – there was nothing else interesting to look at. We love books, so don’t feel too bad. We started reading the Chronicles to the kids already, they love it!

      Thanks again!

  3. David Wernery

    Hi Denning family,
    great blog, great read and amazing adventure. I literally devoured your site. Great inspiration and lots to aspire too.
    Maybe we will meet on the road!


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