Daddy and Aaliyah in Bocas del Toro Panama

“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.”
Paul Theroux

Jungle river tours, crumbling ruins, fabulous beaches, mouth-watering cuisine.

Sounds so exotic, enticing, enviable. So glamorous.

It's true. It is.

But only in retrospect.

We share the enviable and exciting adventures that we have, with the alluring photographs and it paints a picture of sunshine and flowers and fun all the time.

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Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of that.

But there's also life. And traveling doesn't mean that life goes away.

Kids still scream when they don't get their way. They still hit their brother if he takes their toy from the carseat next to him.

There's still (endless) potty breaks with no road side facilities, and diapers to change.

And miles to drive, and countless speed bumps to cross, and winding, narrow roads.

There's sand in your shorts, and salt water up your nose.

6 wks to Costa Rica

There's upset tummy's, a car full of crumbs and leftovers, and broken electronics with no where to get replacements.

What's glamorous about all of that?

The glamorous part is sharing the story of the crocodile refuge that we visited, not the poopy diaper that exploded in the car afterward.

Yet both are are involved (especially) in family travel.

Both are beneficial to personal and family growth.

Having a great experience together, and then learning to effectively handle the disappointments, frustrations and inconveniences after a 'natural high' are part and parcel of the whole travel gig.

Traveling together, you're compelled to learn to get along, become a more patient parent and a more effective leader (of your family).

The truth is, like 'everyday' life, travel is work. It's patience in practice.

It requires you to be 'on your game', proactively handling potential disasters before they occur, and effectively responding to 'hiccups' and catastrophes.

Dolphins in Bocas

But it's rewards are incomparable.

The tranquility of being together, watching the sun sink into the ocean in the balmy warmth of a palm lined beach.

The thrill of being up close and personal with an enormous elephant, a colossal crocodile or an odd-looking tapir.

The pure fun of chasing dolphins, exploring ancient ruins, discovering new taste sensations or learning to climb a coconut tree.

This is the 'glamor' that makes the work well worth it.

What makes travel glamorous to you?



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