Still in love 10 years later~Homer, AK

Today it has been 10 years that my hubby and I have been blissfully wed!

In honor of our decade together, and spurred by recent articles such as How to Have Sex on the Road and Not Wake Your Child by Christine Gilbert, Colin & Tracy's It's Business Time,  and Jennifer Miller's, 7 Places to Make Love Before You Die, I thought addressing the issue of intimacy would be an appropriate topic.

Every year that we celebrate our anniversary, we ask ourselves, "I wonder where we'll be next year."

India~9 yrs together

Our ninth anniversary found us at the ancient ruins of Mahabaliuram in Southern India.

And number eight was celebrated as we moved into our new beach house in Las Galeras, Dominican Republic.

Where will we be next year?

Our children are still fairly young (our oldest is currently 8, the youngest just 6 months). We've been permanently nomadic for the past four years.

Alone time is tricky, and limited, but as you can tell by our newest addition, lovemaking is still possible, despite the constant close quarters.

Here are six ways we get 'er done:

1. Sneak Away

Tenting it with the fam on the soft sandy beaches of Manzanillo, Costa Rica, once the kiddies slipped into silent slumber, the hubby and I stole away for some alone time just a few yards down the beach.

Under the moon as the waves crashed and the stars shone brightly, it was uber romantic.

Afterward we did a little skinny dipping in the deep dark sea, (okay I confess, I didn't skinny dip, it was too cold for me.)

We've also pulled a mattress or blanket into an adjoining room or closet or laid out a sleeping bag under a canopy of trees while the kids slept in the tent or car.

2. Still, Stealth and Silent

This method is simple: 1) wait until everyone is asleep, 2) don't make a sound, 3) move as absolutely little as possible, and 4) use lots of blankets as a protective shield (this method works best camping in cool climates or air conditioned hotel rooms.)

3.Employ the Plugin Drug

Our family uses media very sparingly - no video games, no T.V., occasional movies or computer games.

Participating in one of these activities is a real treat, which mommy and daddy use to their advantage.

When the timing is right, a promise of a movie of their choice, or time playing on the computer - as long as they leave mommy and daddy alone for some 'quiet time' - is just what the love doctor ordered.

4.Shower Time

It's not uncommon to lock the bathroom door while showering - and a locked door gives you uncommon privacy.

If mommy's taking a shower, sometimes daddy needs to 'talk' to her, so please just wait outside.

5. Get Help

It's not uncommon to make friends while living abroad or traveling. In fact some of our best friends have been found this way.

So if you happen to find some 'soul mates' or at least good buddies, see if they'll be willing to barter, sell or trade babysitting for some much needed date time.

Then it's up to you to get creative on how to turn it from dating to trysting.

Another option is hired help. In Costa Rica, we employed a live in maid, which provided ample opportunities for date nights and 'parking.'

6. Cuddle Time

Making love isn't all about 'doing the deed'. The important thing is to keep the flame alive, and this can be done with a good long cuddle, if other options aren't available.

As long as you keep it clean, cuddle time can happen anytime, anywhere (as long as you respect cultural expectations).

Please forgive all the cute couple photos (by Chris Palmer.) Since it's our anniversary, I can get away with it, right?

Do you have any tips for keeping the love alive while traveling? Where do you think we'll be next year?



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  1. Andrea

    Haha, GREAT post =) Will have to bookmark this one – I can imagine it’s hard to find alone time even if you’re at home with kids, much less travelling!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks!! My hubby and I also have 5 little ones (9 & under). We are planning our travel adventures and this has been a topic of discussion. It doesn’t sound too much different than the strategies we already employ at home. You are inspiring thanks!

    • Rachel

      No problem! I think anyone with kids has figured out a few of these tricks to keep the love alive 😉


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