These photos were taken during our family road trip from Utah to Costa Rica in 2007. You can see these photos, and more, in slides show format here.

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Not too late to turn back

Ignorantly expecting 'impassable?' roads, we were pleased by the smooth, wide, beautiful roads (and beautiful scenery).

Wide open skies and sunshine!

This is where we purchased our vehicle permit

There's a cost for those beautiful wide roads- tolls, tolls wherever you go

Nogales is the border town, we headed toward Hermosillo, then to San Carlos

Tempted to stop at one (or more) of the roadside stands, but where would I store my souvenirs? We are already loaded to the hilt.

We would like to stop for roadside food, but is it safe? We're still too 'virgin' to know

Cacti (or cactusus???)

I love that they have a road sign just to wish you a 'Good Trip'

Roadside Cemetery - I thought it was interesting (that's why I snapped a photo of it πŸ™‚

We're operating in kilometers now

We saw this sign for McDonalds, and kept watching for one...and watching...and watching...

and watching...and watching...

and watching...never saw one. They must love McDonalds.

This was a beautiful vineyard hedged with vibrant flowers

We actually found public restrooms to stop and use- surprising.

They did charge for toilet paper. Good thing I brought my own πŸ™‚



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