Burns and Portage Glacier



A turnoff from the Sterling Highway just south of Anchorage, on a route that takes you to Wittier, Alaska, there is a stopoff to view Alaska’s most viewed glacier – Portage.

Burns glacier is visible from the parking lot of the Begich-Boggs Visitors Center, to get a good look at Portage, it’s necessary to take a lake cruise that’s offered in the summer.

View from the road to Whittier

In the Berich-Boggs Visitor Center parking lot (it was closed for the season)

View from the lakeshore

Testing out the ice

I want to do it too

My little ice princess


Parker has a shirt full of ice chunks

Trail to a viewpoint


Learning about glacial footprints and native animals


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  1. Carol Kaatz

    In the visitors center they have a display about the ice worms that live in the glacier! So interesting…I wish I could remember all that I learned about them…hahaha…but it was amazing to learn that there is something that could live in a glacier!! Love the pics and miss those little darlings!!


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