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IMG_2466When I began my career as a mother, I didn't even know this lifestyle was an option, nor did I have the desire to do anything like it.

All I wanted was a comfortable home, a regular income, and stability.

But slowly that all started to change...

We dreamed of living abroad to learn another language... when the kids were older.

We envisioned experiencing new and exciting cultures... when we retired and had the money.

Little by little, our wishful fantasies grew from hopeful desires to necessities. Then we couldn't wait any longer. We had to live the life we dreamt of, now!

We didn't know all the answers when we started out (in 2007 when our oldest was 4 yrs old and our fourth was only 2 months) ...

How would we manage traveling with all these kids? What would we do about their education? How would we ensure our kids had the 'stability' they needed?

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