Gear & Gadgets

What gear do we use to do what we do? Here it is, a (nearly) complete list:


Photography and Video

Canon Rebel XTI - a good 'amateur' photographer camera. I personally would like to upgrade to the Mark II or the Canon 7D, but the Rebel works great for now.

75-300 mm Lens - I also use this zoom lens with my camera.

GoPro HERO - The waterproof, drop-proof, kid-proof, adventure, sports HD camera that we use for most of our videos. It's small, compact, simple and works great for our crazy lifestyle.

iMovie - I use this software on my Apple MacBook Pro to edit all our video. (Part of iLife, unless you order it separately from the Apple App Store)

iPhoto- The program I use on my Apple MacBook Pro to edit and share my photos (also a part of iLife), though I'm considering getting Aperture or Lightroom.

Computers and Stuff

Apple MacBook Pro - We've got two of them. Gotta love Apple. What more can we say?

My Book 1 TB External Hard Drive - Gotta back up all those pictures and video. This is what I use.

My Passport 1 TB External Hard Drive - This is what Greg uses (but I want to get one too, it's so small.)

My Passport Neoprene Carrying Case - It even has a cool carrying case.

12 Volt 400 Watt Inverter - How do we stay 'plugged in' on the road. With this 12 volt inverter. It plugs into the cigarette lighter, then we can plug in our laptops, batter chargers, and anything else that runs on 400 watts or less. They also have larger size, like 1500 watts.


Camping and Stuff

Roof Top Tent - Donated by our sponsor, Cascadia Vehicle Tents, one of the only providers of roof top tents in the United States. We have the Mt. Shasta version.

Coleman Propane Stove - This is how we cook our meals.