How to See Everything for Nothing…Almost

Our family of seven has:

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  • Lived on a resort beach in the Caribbean for only $300 a month
  • Explored Yellowstone for a week for $25 (plus food)
  • Driven 15,000 + miles through North America for almost nothing
  • Stayed in a multi-million dollar beach home in California for free (including gourmet meals)
  • BASE jumped for only $40 (just my husband did that one)


How to See Everything for Nothing...Almost is the ultimate budget travel guide - for individuals and families.

In this 12 Part series - over 90 minutes of video - Greg shares ideas and tips for:

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  • Living a life that is meaningful and on purpose
  • Saving on housing, living expenses, transportation and other costs
  • Traveling around the world inexpensively
  • Living the 'millionaire lifestyle' without the millions of dollars


You don't have to be rich to have the lifestyle you want to live - travel, adventure, meaningful relationships and experiences.

In this video series you'll learn the difference between having unlimited resources to live the life you want, or having limited - but focused and purposeful - needs.

You'll discover how to focus your time, energy and resources to the things that matter most so that you can have the freedom to live the life you want to live - not the life you have to live in order to make ends meet.

Take control of your life and live it on your terms - for less than you thought possible.

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