As Buddha once said, "It is not the journey that is important, but how we travel." One of the best ways to travel fast and comfortably is by a plane. But we don't need to pay a lot for this privilege. Thankfully, there are some ways to make save when booking flights!

Below are five ways to get the best airfare online. 

Avoid Fridays and Sundays

You should definitely try to avoid flying on these two days -- if you want to save money -- for one simple reason. Many airlines significantly increase prices for these days, when many leisure travelers and vacationers are wanting to leave for holiday. Moreover, many businesspeople tend to go home on Fridays or Sundays as well. All this sums up to massive tourists traffic at an airport and pricier plane tickets as well.

If it is possible, try booking a flight on any other day of the week. Preferably Wednesdays as it is one of the cheapest days to fly, as well as Saturdays (for leisure traveling) and Tuesdays.

Use coupons

Nowadays it's very common to find coupons online to reduce the price of airline tickets, so booking a plane ticket will be cheaper than ever. Personally, I always try to catch eligible coupon codes. Once I actually saved 40% off the initial price on my flight! 

Additionally, these coupons offer massive price cuts off hotel rooms as well, so it can be a huge mistake to not use coupons while searching for plane tickets and other essentials while traveling too!

Remove cookies

Not the cookies we eat, but those on the internet. It is crucial to clear your cookies every time you are searching for cheap plane tickets. Cookies help internet retailers collect many different kinds of information about you – starting from your age and place you live and ending with what you are mostly searching online and what are your hobbies.

So it is logical what cookies will show what kind of plane tickets you are most interested in and hence you will see only particular kind of tickets in a price range the internet thinks you might want. It seems like not such a big deal, but sometimes those costs can be a lot larger than the ones offered to others. Removing cookies or use incognito mode can help you always get a better idea of accurate pricing for flights.

Choose smaller airports and cities near big towns

Sometimes big airports and airlines mean bigger spending. If you really want to save money you should reconsider choosing smaller airlines and airports instead. For example, it is definitely cheaper to fly to a small city in France called Beauvais then directly to Paris! In the United States, it might be better to choose Long Beach vs. LAX and Newark vs. JFK. You still be able to see the big city you intended to visit, yet pay a significantly smaller amount of money to travel there. 

Fly indirect

Finally, I would recommend to avoid flying directly. It is often cheaper to fly indirect, if you have the flexibility, and it gives you the chance to see more of the world as well! Direct flights are obviously a quicker way to travel, and the only option if you're constrained by time. But you're paying for the privilege of quicker travel. However, if time is not an issue for you then definitely avoid direct flights. You will save a notable amount of money and get a chance to explore other cities as well! 

Do you have any tips for saving money on flights? Please share in the comments below.



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