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Your biggest excuse for not getting out there to travel is probably because you don't think you have the funds. Well, it is probably safe to say you won't win the lottery, have any trust funds waiting to be cashed out by you or that you will become rich through the next hottest piece of technology. Therefore, if you have a burning desire to travel, you have to come up with a way to fund it that is feasible for your situation. Many of us can only travel once a year but we definitely want more. So how can you do it?

Work Remotely

This option might not be open for all people and their line of work, however, in today's digital age, actually 'being' in the office at work is becoming more obsolete. You can easily show up to work now through phone calls, emails, instant messages and conference calls. Once you are able to work remotely, traveling anywhere becomes a possibility. So, you are still working and getting paid to travel.

Freelance Copywriting

Chances are if you love to travel, you could fund your traveling through money made in travel writing. Most of the time, travel companies don't hire 'travel writers' specifically to put content on their sites. Instead, they partner up with content writing companies like or others who have independent freelancers and can produce travel pieces for them on demand.  With these pieces, you can earn up to $50 or more an hour.

Teach English

Here's a funding idea that is out-of-the-box thinking, teach English. This option doesn't take a whole lot of planning and you really don't need much experience except of course to speak fluent English. You can also put it to action right away. What this form of income is teaching English overseas. It doesn't require a teaching certificate or degree. You basically just interact with other people in different cultures and teach them how to speak English. You are making money while traveling!

Diversify Your Interests Online

It takes commitment, time, research and diversification to find income streams online. It is a good idea to diversify your interests online; however, you won't build a revenue stream overnight. It will take a little time for that. But after a while, with a few streams of online income, you will be making enough to fund your traveling expenses.

It really doesn’t have to take rocket science to find ways to fund your travel. There are so many opportunities in front of you. It just takes some creativity and outside-the-box thinking that will enable you to generate the funds you need. Just make the commitment to yourself and keep persisting and before you know it, you will have on-going funds that will pay for your travel ventures time and again.



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